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Kuassa Effektor DL3606 V1.0.0




It all started in the early 1970s with Oscar Schmidt, a German engineer and researcher at the Hohner GmbH. The EHX FX-102 there was the first significant one from this company. This effect has inspired many manufacturers to make their own versions of it, starting with the Lexicon preamps that came out. At the time, they could not allow other manufacturers to release preamps without the licensing fees, so Lexicon was the only one who had a license to do so. This way, it brought many manufacturers to make their own versions of the EHX effect. The problem with the effect is that it is not very transparent. In many cases, it creates a "hollow sound". EHX fixed this problem by the addition of the different modes on the V4 and the V5 of the effect, which still brings distortion to the sound but with a flatter spectrum and increased focus. At the end of the decade, it was time for EHX to start the digital revolution. The first product they released was the EHX-50, which had a more transparent sound quality but had its own flaws. Even so, the company knew that the digital waveform was the future and that it was necessary to replace their analog effects with digital ones. In 1990, EHX released the first true digital effect processor, the EHX-150. This model had all the strengths of the EHX-50, plus a very simple interface that is easy to master. However, the EHX-150 was not perfect and had a lot of flaws, so EHX decided to change to an entirely new design. That is when they got an idea for the EHX-DL3606. The effect processor that we now have on the market is almost entirely the result of EHX's work and is worth a lot of attention. This particular model came out in 1999 and has the ability to use both digital signal processing and the older software effect methods. It has a very unique sound and is extremely easy to use. Setup and Features The DL3606 is a relatively small effect, so it is very easy to setup and use. When you plug it into your computer, you can see a pop up that shows all the options and settings of the effect. There are many options to get rid of the imperfections of the device. The first is how much gain to apply to the input signal. You can set it to either +6 dB or +0




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Kuassa Effektor DL3606 V1.0.0

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